About Us

Aravind is the founder of "Aravind's Memory Club" and an expert in speed-reading, accelerated learning and memory improvement.

During his college days he mastered the French language. After his college he was very lucky to get a job at Costa Cruise lines of Italy where he mastered the Italian, Spanish and some Japanese languages. But whenever he started learning a new language he struggled a lot. This made him to do the research on how to reduce the learning time and remember for a long period. He spent years on studying lots of books, on how the brain works, on speed reading, on how to memorize faster, on how to focus better and he has gathered lots of methods and tools. These methods gave him some exceptional results and soon he could reduce half of his learning time.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of these methods on 3rd of April 2015 he has successfully memorized 270 numbers within a minute and he received the Guinness world records on this category. His aim is to demonstrate that any subject however tough it may be can be memorized within a short period of time with some training and practice.

Mission :- Our mission is to help the students to reduce the learning time and make the process of memory easier, funnier, stress free and enjoyable.

Vision :- Kill the rote learning method and create a world of easy learning.

Core Values :-

  • Committed to the result oriented coaching.
  • Committed in developing the learning potential of each and every student.
  • Committed to the delivery of the world-class training.
  • Committed to clear the doubts of each and every student.